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Can’t say enough good things about More to Say! My son went in barely talking and opening his mouth to make noises- and with the work of Miss Bruna- he’s saying more words and putting two words together! Miss Bruna has some awesome toys my son loves to play with while trying to repeat words/sounds. My son also sees Miss Nicole for feeding therapy, and I can’t believe how much he’s improved and is choking less while eating. We are super excited about OT opening because we’re sure it will be just as amazing as everything else here! They’re also so accommodating with your schedule and do whatever they can to get you back to back appointments if you see more than one therapist there! I’d give more to say 10+ stars, they truly are making such an impact on my sons life and seeing his progress is amazing.

 - Megan W.

Two of my children have worked with Bruna. To sum up their experience, let me share what my 3 year-old said to me when I told her that Ms. Bruna is a great teacher, "Mom! Ms. Bruna is not my teacher....she's my friend!" Also kudos to MTS for being accommodating to homeschooling families who usually travel as a unit.

 - Nadia M.

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